Removal of planters warts

Natural Treatment for Planters Warts

Warts are those knotty substances, seen on many parts of the body. They are skin infection, seen to occur due to viruses. It is rough and dry and are seen to infect due to moist bathrooms. Plantar warts are those seen on the soles of the feet. They are contagious, though not caught from somebody. Aloe vera gel is an effective remedy for plantar warts. Apply and tape them. Replace with fresh gel, once in three days. Wood ashes are also used for wart removal. A small paste of aspirin is applied on the sole and covered. A solution of baking soda and water also proves beneficial. Soaking the feet in a tub of undiluted apple cider vinegar is helpful against warts. They can also be applied with the help of a cotton ball. Placing a slice of banana and covering them with gauze is useful against stubborn warts. Mash a few cashews with little water and apply on the wart. This is suggested to be one of the best home remedy for warts. Rubbing on a crushed clove of garlic proves beneficial. A chalk is applied on the wart. Topical application of castor oil is useful, when done twice a day. Cut slices of onion and pineapple help in getting rid of plantar warts.

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