Advice to remove mole and skin tag

In my opinion, mole removal should be done by a trained health care practitioner. Because it is not necessarily easy to tell the condition of a mole, often a punch biopsy (tissue sample) is done at the same time as an excision (surgical removal)  particularly if the color, size, borders, etc. are suspicious. Most mole removals are very simple minor surgeries.

Skin tags are very common and several approaches may be taken regarding removal.  At home, some people simply wrap them with fishing line or pull/snip them with very sharp scissors. It is important to cut them very close to the skin to minimize regrowth. (However, they do tend to grow back, regardless.) You may apply an anti-microbial herbal succus, such as calendula after the cut/snip approach. Some people choose to have skin tags cauterized (burnt off)  by a trained health care practitioner.

answered by Dr K B N

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