My granddaughter suffers from warts all over the face, how can I get treatment for her?

Facial warts can be a very embarrassing problem, since they appear in the form of rough knobs of hard skin. Not only are they quite ugly but facial warts removal can be quite a challenge, especially in the case of children, teenagers and younger adults. In spite of the fact that these warts on the face are neither cancerous nor harmful in any other way, most people look for methods on how to remove warts, mainly because they can be so unattractive. However, studies indicate that most warts appear and thereafter disappear on their own, without requiring any facial warts treatment. In most cases, warts do not really require any medical attention, but in case they spread too fast, recur or become a cosmetic concern, people may choose to get them treated through proper medical procedures. However, at times, even after undergoing the treatment for warts, they may recur, becoming a persistent problem. This is probably why there are many people who are considering options on how to remove warts naturally.

How to get rid of warts on face?

There are two different approaches that can be taken by people who are considering techniques for how to remove warts on face. The first approach, normally recommended by most health experts, is the use of simple wart removal home remedies. However, if the problem does not get better even after using different types of home remedies, then the second approach, which is medical treatment can be considered.

How to remove warts at home?

There are several facial warts removal home remedies that can be used, for effectively removing warts from the face. Unless a person suffers from either diabetes or impaired immunity, most of the wart removal home remedies are fairly safe. Given below are some of the most commonly used techniques for getting rid of warts:

Wart removal home remedies: Apple cider vinegar

  • Clean the area surrounding the wart, with some soap and water and gently pat the area dry, with a clean towel
  • Dip a piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar, till it is completely soaked and then apply it on to the wart
  • Cover the apple cider vinegar dipped cotton with a bandage, so that it is stuck to the skin
  • This piece of cotton needs to be left on overnight, before the area is washed.

It may take a few days for the wart to disappear and this remedy should be followed regularly, till then.

Wart removal home remedies: Garlic

  • Clean the area of skin around the wart, with some water and soap.
  • Chop some fresh garlic into small pieces, so that when it is placed on the skin, it only covers the wart and not the surrounding skin.
  • Apply slice of garlic on the wart and hold it there for a couple of minutes, before discarding it.
  • Cover the wart with a bandage and leave it on overnight.
  • Wash the area only in the morning, as the garlic oil needs to work on the wart all night.

Wart removal home remedies: Nail polish

The nail polish used to remove warts, should be of the clear variety and generous amounts of it should be applied directly on to the water, at frequent intervals throughout the day. This is because, like human skin, warts need to breathe too and the application of nail polish on to the wart cuts off its supply of oxygen, causing it to wither and die. The wart should never be allowed to breathe for a long period of time, or else they will come back.

While the home remedies for getting rid of warts mentioned above are fairly safe, if used correctly, it is best to consult a doctor, before giving any of them a shot.

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