Natural Wart Removal Tips?

A wart is a kind of tiny tumor that is caused by a viral infection. The word tumor does not indicate any great danger though - warts are not cancerous, and are in fact mostly harmless, with no real symptoms. In addition, warts usually disappear on their own, without any treatment. In some cases however, warts can last for weeks or even months, so some treatment may be necessary.

You can scrub a wart with a piece of onion or a slice of potato, both freshly cut. This should be repeated through the day as many times as possible. Another treatment that is supposed to be effective in getting rid of warts is rubbing them with castor oil daily before you go to bed. After applying the oil you can cover it with some cotton and medical tape, and leave this on overnight. As with almost any skin problem, aloe is also helpful in treating warts. Fresh aloe gel, taken from a leaf broken off a plant is always the best choice, but if this is not possible, you can buy some aloe gel, which is quite easily available at almost any store.

If these treatments do not work or if you frequently develop warts on your skin, you should consult a doctor, as some more intensive treatment may be necessary.

answered by G M

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