How do I remove liquid nails glue from skin?

Nail glue belongs to the cyanoacrylate family of glues commonly sold under brand names like Superglue and Krazy Glue. It is a very persistent adhesive that is difficult to get rid of, as it is not water-soluble. It is in fact an acrylic resin that sets faster in the presence of even trace amounts of water.

You could try a couple of methods to tackle this problem. Fill a pan of water and bring it to a temperature that your skin can withstand without adverse effects. You could try soaking the part that is affected in the warm water. If it is difficult to immerse the area in water, soak a square of gauze or pad of cotton in the warm water and hold over the affected region. This method of soaking in warm water will not get rid of the glue overnight. It will take a few days with consistent treatment to get the skin back to normal. You also need to moisturize the skin often. Try a blend of glycerin oil and rosewater to soften the toughened skin.

You could also try gently rubbing the area that has the glue on it with a ball of cotton steeped in acetone. Any regular store brand will do. Do not use excessive amounts of acetone as this may dry the skin further. Instead scrub the area and then soak it in a good quality moisturizer. Blend equal parts glycerin and almond oil with a teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture to the skin and leave on for half an hour. Wash off with warm water.

answered by M W

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