December 3, 2009

Brittle Nails Treatment

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Brittle nails refer to nails that tend to break and crack very easily. Brittle nails can be either soft or dry. This is a common problem and it is possible to correct the situation and improve the condition of the nails. The nails may become brittle due to excessive washing of the hands. Those who wash their hands frequently often experience this problem, if the required precautionary steps are not taken to protect the nails from damage. When the hands and nails are treated roughly such as in case of individuals who engage in construction work or manual labor, it also results in brittle nails. Once the cause of brittle nails has been determined, the necessary precautions can be taken to protect the nails. The best way to prevent damage to the nails is to put on gloves while doing work that may be harsh for the nails and hands. Washing the dishes and cleaning can also damage the nails, and so rubber gloves can be worn for protection.


Brittle nails are not usually caused by any medical condition. Women are more likely to experience nail brittleness. The nails tend to break in horizontal layers, beginning at the top of the nail. Peeling may also occur and the nails may be unable to grow out easily. Most people experience brittle nails in varying levels. As a person ages, the growth of the nails slows down considerably and they start becoming dull and brittle. They also start to become yellow in color, as the supply of moisture to the nails decreases. Harsh soaps and detergent which are high in chemical content and use of nail polish removers can adversely affect the nails, making them brittle and dry. Similarly, if the nails are exposed to too much water or excessive use of moisturizer, they could become soft and easily breakable.

The condition of brittle nails can be improved with the intake of a healthy diet that provides the adequate nutrients to the body, including the nails. Deficiencies of vitamin B complex and calcium can lead to brittle nails. A diet rich in vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids and folic acid will help to combat the problem of brittle nails. Soaking the nails in lime juice for about twenty minutes daily is known to reduce the problem of brittle nails. Drinking blanched lemon grass is also a good treatment for the nails. You can also make a mixture of two spoonfuls of tea, salt, a few drops of oil and a couple of drops of wheat oil and apply to the nails. Allow it to stay for around five minutes and then wipe it off.