Hair Bonding

by Sharon Hopkins

Hair bonding basically involves fixing extra strands of hair to your natural hair. This is normally practiced when you have no hair on the front of the scalp. The hair can be affixed to the scalp using a number of hair bonding techniques. In the hair bonding method, the extensions used have a latex plug meant to be glued to your hair for short term use. The additional hair could be real or artificial.

Artificial hair is usually made of synthetic fiber and looks just like a natural hair strand. However, artificial hair is very difficult to manage and tends to become frizzier than natural hair. The additional hair has to be affixed to the natural hair with some adhesive. This adhesive is known as hair bonding glue. Hair bonding glue is safe and looks seamless. It is a semi-permanent technique as compared to the other methods used to fix the artificial hair to your real hair. Some kinds of hair bonding glue could be harmful to your hair, so it is a good idea to use good quality products.

If you need extra length, fullness, and volume in your hair, you need quick fixes such as hair bonding extensions. Hair extensions are available in any color, length and texture. The hair extensions are placed on natural hair in a crisscross manner. The real hair and hair extensions are then plaited with a bonding solution. A heated clamp will melt the solution and seal the extension to your natural hair. But this will possibly damage your hair. However, oil and heat could also be used to dissolve the bonding extensions and remove the glue, but it could be a messy and time consuming method. Although there is a hair bond glue remover solution available in the market, it contains many harsh chemicals which may damage your hair unnecessarily.

It is not easy to remove the hair bonding glue on your own. So, it is advisable to visit the professional who did your hair bonding to get it removed. After using the glue remover, shampoo your hair with cold water, as warm water will melt the glue and bond itself again.

Hair weaving is a similar method where tiny braids hold hair extensions against the scalp. However, using this method puts unnecessary tension on your natural hair, where attached. This can cause your natural hair to break.

You should consult professionals before finalizing which technique you opt for. Based on your needs and hair texture, a professional can suggest a better technique which is less harmful to your hair.

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