Manicure and Pedicure Spa Treatments

by Carol Gomes

Spa manicure and pedicure are a vital part of spa treatment. A cracked heel is common, irrespective of the age. Dry hands and feet are typical pre requisites for a manicure and pedicure. Elbows and feet suffer major loss of moisture and softness. Hydrating the body is important along with other refreshing treatments. A manicure pedicure is a necessity. It is no more considered a luxury, as the feet are very important in carrying our weight.

Exfoliation is the method of sloughing off the dead skin, which has accumulated over a period of time, resulting in clogged pores and dry skin. Dead skin from the feet is removed as the primary step in a pedicure. A foot massage with a moisturizing cream helps in maintaining the moisture. A pedicure is done based on the degree of dryness of the feet. A foot mask that helps in moisture retention is beneficial. A spa manicure and pedicure might prove costly, as this depends upon the variety of light fixtures, the rich atmosphere, the pampering done to your feet and hands, the type of chair and the kind of interiors.

Slipper and full robe treatment is not provided for those with nail services. Nail technicians or specialists help in choosing the exact and most suited nail colors and provide the best manicure. They are professionals and well mannered.An aromatic salt scrub and a hydrating mask are vital in retaining the spa experience for quiet some time. Paraffin dips are also used, at certain times. A manicure treatment comprises of filing the nails, shaping them and nail polish application. A manicure can be either nail treatment or treatment to the hands or it includes both.

A softener is used to soak the hands and later, softening creams are used. Artificial nail gels or acrylics and artificial nail tips are also inclusive in a manicure. Painting nails and wearing small jewels are a part of manicure. Sanitized tools play a vital role, as they are used for a wide range of people, which, in turn, might result in infection and contagious disease. Sparkles and contours are special effects made with acrylic nail powders.

Residues of acrylic powders are known to cause inflammation, swelling, pain and allergy. The nails are prone to separation from the nail bed, thereby resulting in permanent damage. Nail glue, polishes and removers are life threatening, on consumption, due to the presence of acetone and formaldehyde. 
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