My nails gets yellowish in color. What I can do for this. Is their any home remedy to protect my nails from getting yellow?

In order to care for nails that have turned yellow in color, you need to first take stock of what you have been doing wrong. The commonest incident of nails turning yellow occurs because people tend to keep their nails covered with nail polish. This does not allow the air to get into your nails and thus cuts off air supply. Lack of oxygen to the nails is a major reason why they turn yellow. Contrary to popular belief, nails are not completely and totally dead. In particular, when they are attached to the nail bed, which is your finger, they are completely alive and require care and nutrition like the rest of your body too. So the first thing you need to do is bare your nails. This will make the greatest impact. Leave your nails free of polish or any other covering fro about a month, and you will naturally and slowly see their color changing for the better. Meanwhile, you can also take care that you supply them with nourishment at the same time. For this, you can start applying olive oil to your nails before bedtime each night. This will give them all the nourishment they need and will also work well because it is left on overnight.

You can wash this off the next morning with your bath. You really do not need to do much else. Make it a point to keep your nails short and clean at all times. If you work excessively in the water, start using gloves to protect your nails. This will prevent your nails from becoming discolored as well as brittle. If you are in need of a remedy that will work as a quick fix to lighten your nail color, you can use hydrogen peroxide. This can be put in a cotton ball and rubbed on your nail. It will clean up your nails magically. But keep in mind that this is merely a quick fix. Regular care is required for good and healthy nails. You should always try to protect your nails from the harmful effects of hot or warm water. This can turn out to be the worst enemy of the fingernail. If you do expose them to hot water, then you can start trying to apply fresh milk cream to them each time you remove them from hot water too. This will help to keep them strong and well moisturized, and will not allow yellowness.

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