March 3, 2010

Foods for Strong Nail

Posted in Category : Beauty

Who does not like healthy, well manicured and polished nails? They look good, feel good and also look stylish. But what most people do not know is that nails tell a story, the story of a person’s health. The changes in a person’s nails can show the signs of potential problems in health. Healthy nails usually have a pink hue, but one should look out for certain changes in them such as color change, lines or ridges. Such changes can signify certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Nails are not just to taken care of with pedicure and manicure but also by maintaining a healthy diet. One should look out for changes and depending on the changes make a change in the diet and also maintain a healthy diet.

Several changes indicate particular deficiencies and diseases. Brittle nails are usually symptoms of iron deficiency, circulation problem and disorder of body’s endocrine system. Cigarettes, hair dyes and even tints can result in discoloration of nails. The way skin gets dry during winter, so do nails. For some they become brittle. This can happen not only because of dryness but also because of too much contact with water, chlorine, soaps or detergents. It is advised to use rubber gloves if a person spends a lot of time in water and use of warm gloves during winters. White spots which are usually seen on nails can happen because of mineral or calcium deficiencies. Greenish nails are usually the symptoms of fungus infections. It is important that one should consult a health care provider in case of greenish nails. Severe stress can cause horizontal ridges called beau’s lines. Vertical ridges on the nails are signs of poor nutrition, pollution or even iron deficiency. Sometimes the nails look as if they are going to lift off the nail beds.

This can happen if your nails are excessively exposed to detergents, water and soap. It is important that one should consult a doctor because such symptoms are also seen in case of psoriasis. The above symptoms can improve with the help of a diet. Eat more raw salads which contain enzymes, vitamins B and C. Even lightly steamed and sautéed vegetables are good. Consume protein rich foods like soy, pulses and eggs. Eat more calcium which is present in foods such as dairy products, leafy vegetables and soy. Oil helps resume the lost shine and moisture in the nails. Eat more walnuts, almonds, flaxseed and linseeds.