Unwanted Body Hair Removal Treatments

by Shaun Damon

Women have several alternatives when it comes to disposing of unwanted skin. Before you decide on a hair removal method, do weigh the pros and cons. Look at each alternative based on characteristics like pain, ease of getting rid of body hair, cost, time, mess and recurrence. Also, skin has varying levels of sensitivity. It appears that you haven't reacted to your hair removal cream yet. Do consider the different options before settling on a hair removal method. To start with, shaving is one alternative. Not only is it cheap but it is also painless and effective. It is one of your fastest options and the convenience it affords is rather alluring. This means that if you are off to a party where your skirt length falls just below the knees, you only need to take time off to do the exposed limbs. Also, you can cart along your shaving equipment wherever you go and shave almost anywhere. You will have a choice of shaving gear. Most women opt for simple razors while others prefer mechanical razors or hair removers. The drawbacks of razors include possibility of grazing your skin in addition to razor burns. The trick is to get most of the hair eliminated in a single stroke as possible. If your skin is unusually sensitive, this might not agree with you.

The second option is waxing. While this can be most effective and the hair free skin lasts longest, it is also hair removal's most painful option. One of the downsides of waxing is that it isn't so effective if the growth is too close to the skin surface. This means that if your body hair is just beginning to grow out, you are better off using other alternative like shaving or creams. One of the best parts about waxing is that, over time, growth of your body hair actually slackens off. If afraid of pain, perhaps you could keep waxing aside for significant occasions only. A rather extreme option is laser. This can be frightfully expensive and often painful but the effects are permanent. If you opt for this, get it done at a reputed laser treatment place. Depilatories are one more alternative. This is essentially what you have been using so far -; hair removal creams. Since they might irritate your skin, look for sensitive skin versions. Most people are dissuaded because of the smell. The final option is tweezing. This is best suited for facial hair. There are other processes like electrolysis, but these are your best options.

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