How to remove unwanted hair on upper lips?

Facial hair can be quite a problem since waxing and shaving are not preferred methods of hair removal for these areas. If you use incorrect shaving methods, the new hair may appear thick and coarse. Waxing too is not advisable as the skin on your face is very delicate and waxing can cause a loot of irritation that can cause the waxed areas to darken considerably.

However there are several home remedies for hair on the upper lip. You can make use of one or more of these methods for better results. You can mix Bengal gram flour with a little water and honey and apply this paste to your upper lip. Allow the paste to dry almost completely and then slowly rub it off with your fingertips. Since the paste will be clinging to the strands of hair, this action will cause them to be pulled out as the paste is rubbed off. Since the area is also being massaged simultaneously, there is much less pain experienced, so that the process is not really painful but rather just a little uncomfortable. Make sure that you are very gently when rubbing the paste off and keep in mind that you are not trying to scrub off the paste but rather gently dislodge it from your skin. After the paste has come off, you can rub a thin slice of cucumber or potato over the area as this will help to soothe your skin. Most women suffer from a slight darkening of the upper lip area and this paste will help to lighten and even out the skin tone.  You should do this every day or every alternate day for a period of one week and you will notice a considerable difference. After that, you can use it once a week on a regular basis, to ensure that your upper lip remains free of hair.

You can also use a paste made out of equal quantities of black gram flour and fuller’s earth and water. This paste is to be used in the same manner as the Bengal gram flour. You can thread your upper lip to get rid of the excess hair. Since the hair strands are pulled out from the root, this method can be quite painful. You can also use tweezers to get rid of the thicker strands of hair. Tweezing allows you to remove one strand of hair at a time and so the pain is not quite as intense as threading. You can use the tweezers once a week to get rid of the thicker strands of hair and use the gram flour paste to get rid of the finer hair.

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