Natural hair removal?

The success of natural hair removal tactic would depend totally upon which part of the body you would like to remove hair from. There are two types of hair on the human body. One is primary, which is the kind of hair that grows on the head, underarms, pubic area, and the beard and moustache in men. The other is secondary hair, which is softer and finer, more downy in nature. It grows everywhere else on the body. In women, secondary hair is also found on the face. If the hair you are looking to get rid of is primary, then you should know that while there may be methods of getting rid of it temporarily, it is next to impossible to completely rid yourself of primary hair. It is coarse, tough and strong and has very strong roots as well. There are also a few methods you can try to get rid of secondary, finer hair. But once again, you should know right from the start that it may not be able to solve the problem on a permanent basis. To get rid of hair of any kind permanently, you would have to resort to methods such as electrolysis or laser hair removal. These are the only known methods of permanently removing hair from the body.

To temporarily get rid of body hair, you can wax it off. Herbal wax is common and easily available and can be used with little or lesser side effects. You can use hot wax or cold wax - both will work similarly. Alternately, you can make a paste of equal parts of gram flour and yogurt and apply this to your body. Leave it on till it just begins to dry and then rub it off your body. While this procedure is painful, it will manage to successfully get rid of your finer hairs from the roots.

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