Height Increasing Techniques: How I Can Increase My Height

Everyone on this earth desires a good height. To have a good height you have to keep the growth hormone active. The growth hormone is known as Somatrotropic hormone that is released by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. There are many effective ways of keeping the growth hormone active.

Read the following natural ways for increasing height:

  • The best remedy for increasing height is by being involved in stretching and physical exercise. Involve more of jumping, swimming and pull ups. The result may take a long time and these exercises can definitely increase about 3 to 4 inch of your height.
  • Yoga exercises or postures are another effective ways of increasing height. The best posture is Tadasana. In this asana, you stand straight with your arms stretched over your head. Touch your arms to your ears and raise your heels. Keep yourself balanced on your toes. Hold for few seconds and release the posture. Continue doing this yogic exercise for five to ten times daily. Even suryanamaskar is beneficial for increasing height.
  • Apart form exercises, a well balanced and healthy diet also helps in increasing your height. Eat more of proteins, vitamins, calcium, potassium and zinc. Add lots of greens and fruits in your diet. A glass of milk daily is essential to have an active groth hormone.
  • Do not skip milk and eat lots of green vegetables. Not only will it aid you in increasing height, but will also make you healthier and stronger.

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Your height depends to a large extent on your genes and the nutrition you received in your growing years. People stop growing at various ages, some in their teens and others in their twenties. Taking growth hormones while in the growing stage may be of help but to do so after you stop growing is definitely dangerous. It is likely to lead to acromegaly or other such health problems and will definitely not achieve any increase in height. For those who are abnormally short or have disproportionately small limbs artificial stretching can be induced by breaking the bones, stretching them with steel rods and inducing them to fill in the gap between the breaks. It is a very painful process, however, and usually performed only on people with abnormally poor growth.

By keeping your posture erect and keeping yourself slim and fit you can appear taller. Your style of dressing can also make you look taller. Wear tops such as v-necks that pull the eye down vertically. Tuck the tops into trousers or skirts to make the legs look longer.

Wear slim line fitting clothes that skim your body. Oversized or loose clothing will draw the eyes out horizontally. Vertical stripes such as pinstripes or a monochrome look create an uninterrupted vertical line helping the illusion of height. Draping trouser legs over higher-heeled shoes will create an instant look of height.

You can also try the Alexander technique to improve your posture. Changing the way you hold your head and spine can increase your height by up to two inches.

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