Facial hair removal

Home remedies for hair removal are all temporary. There are no hair removal home remedies that will have a permanent effect. All permanent hair removal techniques are highly complex procedures that require professional training and specialized equipment. These techniques are also quite expensive, and are therefore used only in case of a severe hair problem that cannot be adequately tackled by normal hair removal techniques or, of course, if you have money to spare.

Permanent hair removal techniques use electrolysis or laser technology to destroy the hair follicle, making it impossible for new hair to go. These treatments are expensive and time consuming, but of course they need to be done only once. However, this is not strictly true for laser hair removal, as this technique does not always kill all the hair follicles — it is considered a hair reduction technique rather than a removal technique. If you are interested in one of these treatments, you will need to find out where they are available in your area and enquire about the costs, effectiveness, and other details. Of course, the temporary options are also available to you — these include threading, waxing, and a variety of hair removal creams and powders.

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