Health Benefits of Vitamin A in Children

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is the most essential fat soluble vitamin required for healthy growth of children. The name retinol comes from the prime function of this vitamin that is regulating the vision.

Requirement of Vitamin A in children can be fulfilled from animal and plant sources. Some of the best animal sources are liver and tissues. Vitamin A can also be received by consuming good amount of dark green and dark yellow vegetables. Plants sources basically contain carotenes that are converted to Vitamin A when absorbed by children in the intestine.

Children and Vitamin A often work together. This is because of the multitude functions that the vitamin performs. The key function is to regulate the vision. Human retina comprises of four photo pigments that stores Vitamin A. One of the photo pigments is known as rhodopsin that contains rod cells responsible for visual excitation. Other three pigments are collectively known as iodopsin that is responsible for day vision.

Apart from regulating the vision, Vitamin for children is also essential for performing normal activities related to immune system, bone development, mental growth, tissue maintenance and various other physiological activities.

According to the RDA Vitamin A, children of 3 years or younger require maximum of 600 micrograms per day, children of 4-8 years require maximum of 900 microgram per day and children of 9-14 years require 1,700 micrograms per day.

Infants, kids and children all are greatly influenced by the optimum level of Vitamin A. If the level is low, they show signs of Vitamin A deficiency. With deficiency of Vitamin A, kids show symptoms of loss of appetite, bone abnormalities, dry skin and growth retardation. Vitamin A for kids is good only till the optimum level is maintained.

If kids and children take an overdose of these vitamins they are prone to fatal health disorders. Most of the cases of food poisoning are reported by excessive intake of vitamin supplements. This is because most of these supplements contain iron. Toxicity of iron results in fatal poisoning and even death. With toxicity of Vitamin A, children show signs of fatigue, weight loss, acute indigestion, irritability and vomiting.

So, it is very essential to maintain the right quantity of Vitamin A in children's body.