Home Remedies for Skin Cancer

There are even some home remedies that are believed to help in case of skin cancer. Cancer is that kind of illness that sometimes responds better to home cured and homemade remedies. But it is also important to remember that these home remedies are not to be considered valid treatments. You should still seek medical help.

Home remedies often encourage you to cut off grown potential for cancer cells.

  • One particular home remedy includes coconut oil and melatonin. This remedy is available as a trial remedy for skin cancer. It is a remedy that can be used across large areas of the skin.
  • Coconut oil on its own is also very beneficial for skin cancer.  
  • Ammonium hydroxide dissolved in water also makes a great home remedy.
  • Moisturizing lotions and creams containing stearic acid which is very helpful for skin suffering from cancer.
  • Aloe vera, its juice and pulp is very beneficial.
  • You can also try selenium, green tea, turmeric and flaxseed to reduce the symptoms of skin cancer. These can be ingested or applied in solution, both of which can help reduce the suffering.
  • Acupuncture and homeopathy have also shown promising results in the controlling of cancer and the growth of cancerous cells. Sometimes these alternative therapies can help control the symptoms or reduce the side effects of the toxic treatments.
  • There are some foods you can include in your daily diet for skin cancer.  Increasing your antioxidants is known to help in preventing skin cancer. Foods high in vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, vitamin A and zinc need to be increased. Increase your intake of beans, carrots, chard, pumpkin, broccoli, and fish. Eat more bright colored fruits and vegetables. Add more tomatoes, cherries and onions to your diet. Grapes, with their skins and apples are also rich in antioxidants. The emphasis should be to eat a well-balanced healthy diet and not concentrate too much on any one group of fruits and vegetables.
  • There are even cancer diets that encourage patients to completely cut off sugar from their diet as cancerous cells tend to multiply faster when there is more sugar in the body.