Treatment for Skin Cancer

The course of treatment for skin cancer depends largely on the size of the cancerous growth. The most common treatment for non-melanoma is surgery. Radiation therapy can also be prescribed.

Most treatment programs for people who suffer from non-melanoma as well as melanoma include a number of functions. These treatments include a radiation therapist, a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist, a specialist nurse, a pathologist, a dietitian and a number of other occupational therapists. Depending on the gravity of the case, the patient might need a different combination of therapists. Your healthcare provider can help you decide which treatments might help you.

Along with surgery, there are other techniques also used. One such is cryosurgery where liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the cancerous cells. As the area thaws, the cancerous cells fall away. This is apparently a less painful way to treat the cancer and may cause scarring.

Laser therapy is also used to remove the cancerous growth. This technique is used to treat cancer when the cancerous growth is only on the outer layer of the skin.