Prevention from Skin Cancer

The best way to deal with skin cancer is to prevent skin cancer. There are many ways to prevent skin cancer.

  • Primarily, do not underestimate the use of sunscreen lotion or sun block cream. It is important to use these regularly whenever you step out. Reapply every few hours especially if you have been perspiring or swimming. Apply lip balm with sunscreen. Even apply sunscreen on hazy or overcast days.
  • Teach children the important of avoiding direct sunlight. Protect them especially with sunscreen meant for children and babies.
  • Avoid stepping out in direct, harsh sunlight of the day.
  • Cover yourself up, if you are prone to burning or getting tanned easily. Use a hat whenever necessary. Use proper fabrics like cotton and wear light colors. Avoid fitting clothes and let your skin breathe properly.
  • Use sun glasses with UV protection.
  • Avoid the tanning beds and salons. This is especially true for people who are more likely to get skin cancer, or people in a high risk group. These beds and lamps tend to be the most harmful and most common cause for skin cancer. Tan sensibly under direct sunlight for fixed periods of time.
  • Seek shade when you are outdoors.
  • You can also learn to do self checks. Stand in front of a mirror or use a hand held mirror and periodically look for any abnormalities in the skin. Look up and down your arms and legs, check the joints specifically and examine the soles of your feet, and look at the skin in between the toes.

Along with taking steps to preventing skin cancer, there are also ways of living with skin cancer. Living with skin cancer implies being at peace with the treatment and the lifestyle changes.

  • Talk to your doctor about how you can change your lifestyle for the outdoors.
  • Get the correct sunscreen and make sure that you use it regularly.
  • Get foods that will build your immunity especially if you have been taking chemotherapy or any form of radiation. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water and remember to stay hydrated.
  • Seek forums and groups with people who are recovering from the same cancer. It will help you deal with the trauma better. There are also many information sources set up by the government which are easily accessible.