Causes of Skin Cancer

UV radiation in the sun is responsible for causing cancer. The sun has two types of UV radiation – UVA and UVB. These rays and overexposure to these rays is the primary cause of skin cancer.

There are also some distinct risk factors for contracting skin cancer. If you are exposed to them, you should take extra precaution and be more vigilant.

  • Have an extremely fair complexion increases your risk to all types of skin cancers.
  • If you are constantly exposed to direct sunlight, especially without sun block or sun screen protection.
  • You are exposed to coal tar, creosote, radium or arsenic compounds due to occupational reasons.
  • You often get sun burnt.
  • You often get moles.
  • If you have a family history of non-melanoma cancer.
  • If you have been exposed to radiation or are prone to skin inflammations.
  • If you have a suppressed or deficient immune system.
  • Regular tobacco use including chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes also increases your risk for skin cancer.
These risk factors make it likely for you to get skin cancer and can act as a threat.

Sun exposure is the biggest cause so far. There was a spurt of skin cancer incidents in the United States due to the fondness for tans and tanning lamps.