More user remedies on Toe Nail Fungus

suggested by Larry on Monday, June 9, 2008

I tried most of the remedies mentioned with little success. Then per chance someone said try "Mentholatum". It seems to kill the fungus, and my nails are getting better.

Cure for NAIL fungus...
suggested by Coach on Thursday, April 24, 2008

For a very long time ... I had been doing everything in my power to remove fungus from three of my toes... finally, finally, finally, I found out how to do it... it does take some elbow greasing ... however it WORKS!!! Yeppie, it WORKS!
1.) Purchase Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, if you can find it.. (Detol - was only able to find this product where there is a huge population of Caribbean nationals... i.e. Miami)
2.) Mix the concoction together.
3.) Use a rough surface emery board or filer and file the outside of each toe... THOROUGHLY!!! Be COMPREHENSIVE!
4.) Take a cotton ball wet it with alcohol. Squeeze the alcohol out.
5.) Pour copious quantities on cotton ball.
6.) Apply to all toes... ALL even those NOT infected!
7.) Repeat this procedure at least with three (3) heavy sweeps
8.) Allow toes to dry for about five (5) minutes then
9.) Generously apply VICKS vapor rub heavily... continue to rub in until disappear... apply in between toes as well (no harm done) If you do this procedure at least twice (2x) per day... within 72 hours you will ALREADY begin to see a difference. This works on fingernails as well. YES, it does WORK!!! Remember keep filing the outside of your toes and use sterilized with alcohol toe and fingernail clippers and get RID of ALL the bad stuff... old spoilt nail... and you will have GORGEOUS toes and fingers.