Split Nails

by Sharon Hopkins

Nails are found on the end of the fingers and toes and are actually made of dead tissue. The nail bed and the tissue around the nail, however, are very much alive. Nails are made of organic material which means that it is possible for infections to develop on the nails, particularly fungal infections. There are a whole range of nail disorders that can affect human nails. Some of these are related directly to the nails while other conditions may affect the nail bed, the tissue surrounding the nail or the tissue under the nails.

Split nails occur when there are vertical splits along the length of the nail. This condition happens as a result of damage to the structural integrity of the nail itself. Split nails causes could be related to some sort of infection but most split nails causes are associated with a degradation of the tissue. Another cause for split nails is deficiency of calcium in the body. There is also a strong suspicion that there is a genetic link to this condition. The genetic link is more obvious when one finds that all the fingers on the individual's hands are suffering from this problem. Other split nails causes include the use of strong detergents and chemicals. Some people are involved in professions where their hands are exposed to solvents and chemicals that are used in industrial applications. Such individuals may suffer from damage to their finger nails and this is a long term problem that happens after repeated exposure to the material that causes the damage. This kind of split nails problem may be visible on just one hand, particularly if the individual favors that hand while handling the material that causes the problem.

Split nails may also cause the top of the nail to break off rather than in a vertical line. This makes it difficult for an individual to grow his or her nails because the nail edges are almost always damaged. There are a few split nails repair treatments that can be used to improve the health of the nails. The use of nail polishes and nail polish remover should be avoided. These contain chemicals and may cause the nails to dry, and subsequently crack. The hands may also be nourished using some natural oils that are helpful in improving skin condition. These oils can be specifically massaged into the nail beds and the areas around the nail so that the underlying skin is at least nourished. This will help improve nail health and is an effective split nails treatment.

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