Symptoms of Dementia

The symptoms of dementia depend upon the stage to which the condition has progressed. The symptoms also vary a lot from one person to another. Here are some of the most common symptoms. It is important to know that these symptoms usually increase and intensify with time.

  • Experiencing Difficulty in Finding Words: Most of the times the person is able to compensate this by using synonyms of the word but as the condition progresses, the synonyms also become a little difficult to recall.
  • Inability to Recall Important Information: The person may begin to forget names, dates, appointments and important events.
  • Inability to perform simple and familiar tasks: The person may begin to lose things and may also forget simple things like cooking or driving.
  • Uncharacteristic Behavior: Sometimes people may also experience extreme personality changes. Even the most sociable person may withdraw into himself or herself.
  • The person's judgment becomes impaired and the person is not able to take even the simplest of decisions on his or her own.
  • The person may begin to develop sudden behavioral disorders. Some of the most common of these changes include paranoia, mania and suspiciousness.
  • Though there is a steady decline in the cognitive functioning, the person is still able to follow some of the everyday routines
  • Unfamiliar surroundings may trigger feelings of disorientation and confusion. A lot of people may wander, trying to return to their familiar surroundings.