Advice on male urine incontinence

Has anyone any suggestions to help male urine incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a condition caused by the loss of bladder control, making one urinate involuntarily. There are several types male urinary incontinence. One of the types is stress-related, in which accidental leakage of urine happens even when the sufferer sneezes, coughs or even laughs. Urge incontinence is another kind, wherein there is an urge to urinate, but it leaks out before one can reach the toilet. In overflow incontinence, the bladder has not been emptied completely during urination and the urine constantly leaks afterwards. There are many causes for male urine incontinence. One of the main reasons is age because with age, the bladder also weakens. A sudden contraction or relaxing of the bladder causes incontinence. An enlarged prostate is also a reason for incontinence. When the prostate enlarges, it squeezes the urethra and obstructs the flow of the urine. This not only causes an urge to urinate frequently, but also results in incontinence. Urinary tract infection also causes frequent urination and incontinence. Neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, trauma to the spinal cord or brain tumor and bladder stones also cause urinary incontinence.

Being overweight aggravates the problem of incontinence because the excessive weight on the abdomen puts pressure on the bladder. So, excessive weight should be shed to prevent the problem. Nicotine is an irritant to the bladder and hence, smoking and consuming tea should be avoided by an individual experiencing this condition. To avoid any embarrassing episodes in public, the sufferer should visit the toilet before going out. After that, he can stand up, sit down again and bend forward. This will put pressure on the bladder and empty it completely. Though it may seem like drinking water adds to the problem of involuntary urinating, the body should be kept hydrated by drinking enough water. A lack of water would cause Constipation, which irritates the nerves and triggers the bladder. In addition to water, drinking the juices of apple, cherry, grapes, and cranberry everyday would help a lot in controlling the problem of incontinence.

There is an effective recipe that can treat the problem of incontinence to a great extent in about two weeks. This recipe includes combining one cup of applesauce and oat bran each, and ¼ cup of prune juice. This decoction should be stored in the refrigerator. Take two tablespoons of this every evening, followed by a glass of water. The dosage can be increased to three tablespoons after about a week, and subsequently to four tablespoons after at the end of the third week.

answered by G M

If you have already been checked up by any doctor, you should have included the conclusions about root cause of your problems. Control on the sphincter muscle is weakened. There are exercises which try to strengthen PC muscles. Google on PC muscle exercises and you will find detailed description.

Light massage by Mahanarayan Tailam on perineum area, pelvis area should help.

answered by S B

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