September 23, 2009

Treatments to Get Rid of White Spot on Tonsil

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

The occurrence of white spots on your tonsils is quite a common condition. Relatively little was known about the condition until very recently which made a number of physicians and health care providers hand out medication in the past that would not really help in any way. The tonsils are located towards the back of the throat and the tissues help protect the body from bacteria and viruses that may make their way into the body via the mouth. The tonsils work to trap such bacteria, but an excessive exposure to bacteria can cause an infection in these very tissues. The medical term for the condition where you see some white spots on your tonsils is known as cryptic tonsils and a lot of people are curious to know how these spots develop. Sometimes, when we eat, a few food particles may tend to cling on to the tonsil tissue. Gradually, some mucus will get secreted over the food particles and tend to solidify. This will later on appear white in color and form the white spots that you see on your tonsils. The condition is also commonly known as tonsil stones.

While the condition is not medically critical, a persons oral health is part and parcel of his overall health and with a little medication and some effective home remedies, the condition can be removed completely. The major reason that one should do as much as possible to get rid of the condition while it doesn’t appear to really harm the body is because the putrid balls created on the tonsils happen to be breeding grounds for the bacteria which, as a complication of the condition, could affect your overall health. Another knock on effect of having this condition is the fact that the coagulation of the mucus, food particles and the bacteria will cause a foul breath. More over, if left unattended for a long time, the tonsil stones will continue to grow, thereby making it relatively hard to swallow your food. While most effective way to treat the condition and improve your oral health is to visit the dentist, if this seems like too much trouble at this stage, you could use a clean cotton swab to clean out the stones. However, making sure that the cotton swabs are clean is essential as dirty ones could complicate your oral health even further. You could also try gargling with some hot water mixed with salt, which is quite effective when dealing with tonsil stones.