March 3, 2010

Pubic Lice (Crabs): Diagnosis and Natural Cure

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‘Crabs’ is a word for pubic lice. Lice are parasitic insects that dwell and proliferate in the genital area or the pubic hair of human beings. This is quite a common problem and can affect people all across the world.

You can get pubic lice from an infected sexual partner. Lice spread through contact. It is believed that pubic lice can spread directly through sexual contact, but the infection may not spread through infected clothes, towels or linen. Some people feel that they can be infected by using a toilet seat that an infected person has used; however, medical experts say that lice cannot survive for a long time away from the warmth of the human body. Health care professionals feel that if a teenager or child has crabs, then either they are sexually active or have been sexually abused. Crabs may also be found in coarse hair on other parts of the body too.


  • You might feel itchy in the genital area.
  • You can even spot nits or lice in the hair.

Pubic lice: A louse can be spotted in three stages of lice – the nit, which is the egg; the nymph, which is a growing louse; and, the adult louse.

Diagnosis of Pubic Lice: a careful self examination will help you know if you are suffering from crabs. It may take time to spot a grown-up louse, but you ca easily spot nits. Nits are attached to the shaft of the hair. If you spot nits or lice, then it is imperative you get it medically treated by your local doctor.


You can use a pediculicide, which is a lice shampoo and has a percent of pyrethrin or permethrin. You can buy this shampoo from a drug store. Read the instructions on the bottle and use the shampoo accordingly. There are other prescription shampoos that may also be effective. Also check with a health care professional if you are pregnant or nursing, since some of these shampoos might not be recommended in such conditions.

To apply the shampoo, you must first wash the infected area and pat it dry. Then apply the medicine and saturate the hair with it. Read the directions on the bottle and leave the shampoo on the hair for sometime. Some shampoos can be left on for ten minutes, while others should be washed of within four to five minutes. Then wash the infected area thoroughly. Once you’ve patted the area dry, remove the nits that would still be attached to the shafts of the hair.

Wear clean and fresh underwear and clothes. You must also wash all your used linen, clothes and bedding. Wash all the clothes with hot water. Send other clothes for dry cleaning. Avoid any sexual activity till you have completely rid yourself of the lice.