July 26, 2010

Health Benefits Of Running And Swimming

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People all over the world are becoming very health conscious, which is why they are quite careful about what they eat. However, the key to staying healthy and fit is not just eating right; it is also important to make sure that you get the required amount of exercise each day. Exercising in any way, for around 30 to 45 minutes a day, for at least 5 days a week, is a must for everybody. Some of the best forms of aerobic exercises are walking, jogging, running and swimming. While all these forms of exercise are great, running and swimming are probably the best, as can help burn fat and calories, at a faster pace.

The Benefits of Running

Running does not require any special gear, equipment or clothing, apart from a good pair of running shoes. Running and stretching are co-related, which means that before you start running, it is very important to make sure that you perform the right stretching exercises, for around 5 minutes or so. Warm up exercises, before a pre-run stretch, are very important too. Although not many people are aware of this, but stretching after running is quite essential, as it helps reduce the aches and pains, associated with running. Given below are some common benefits of running:

  • An increase in metabolism, through which it helps lose weight rapidly.
  • The prevention of bone and muscle loss
  • Reducing the risks of diseases, like strokes and breast cancer
  • Building strength, immunity, confidence and self esteem
  • Reducing stress and controlling emotions like anger, aggression and depression
  • Training the body, as well as the mind

The Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a very refreshing and relaxing activity, which is great for your health. In addition to that, it is an excellent calorie burning and helps tone up your entire body. This is because different parts of the body are used while performing most swimming strokes. While other forms of exercise can get a bit boring after a while, swimming can always be fun. Listed here under, are some of the common benefits of swimming:

  • Strengthening of the heart, which allows it to pump blood to the rest of the body at a faster rate
  • Increasing immunity against conditions like heart diseases and joint problems
  • Full body toning, as the arms, legs, thighs and lungs are used at the same time.
  • Working out in water is much safer than exercising on land. Therefore, swimming is the most recommended form of exercise for older people as well as those who suffer from joint pain or are recovering from a surgery.

While running and swimming are great for most people, please check with your doctor, before you start exercising, especially, if you are suffering from any medical conditions.