April 11, 2008

Risk Factors For Osteoarthritis

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

There are different types of risk factors for osteoarthritis. Without preventive measures, you cannot control risk factors for osteoarthritis condition. Factors like older age can lead you to osteoarthritis condition. Then there are other factors like injuries at bone joints can increase the risk of osteoarthritis condition. Deformed bones due to abnormality or bone defects can increase the risk factor for osteoarthritis condition. Apart from this, Obesity is one of the main risk factors for osteoarthritis condition in our body. Increasing obesity leads to higher bone weights and as bones get heavier, they come close to each others affecting the cartilage cushion and rub on other bone. As the friction increases, it affects the nearby ligaments, cartilage thus causing swelling and pains in body joints. Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, paget’s disease and other diseases related to bones and joints can increase the risk for osteoarthritis.

The causes of osteoarthritis condition are varied. Generally, aging process of our body is considered main reason behind osteoarthritis. Various researches have shown that osteoarthritis condition is hereditary problem. Then crystal deposition in cartilage is also considered as one of causes of osteoarthritis. Hormonal disturbance, genetic changes, and diabetes also lead to osteoarthritis condition. In addition, a study also suggests that increasing infection due to viruses, fungi and bacteria can also lead to loss of cartilage in bone joints. This causes osteoarthritis. Thus, joint infection is one of the major risk factors for osteoarthritis.

You can counter these risk factors for osteoarthritis by preventive measures, expert consultation and getting in to some wellness programs. The Arthritis Society offers various resources to face the problem of osteoarthritis condition on your own. There are open forums available with such web sites wherein you can discuss various issues regarding osteoarthritis condition, you can get wellness tips and any treatments available. In addition, you can learn different strategies for daily living and manage your osteoarthritis very effectively. You can get well sooner if you form close relation with your medial consultant or therapist, as they you the needed support for wellness. Living with osteoarthritis condition requires constant preventive measures and home therapies. This way, you decrease the chances of further increase in risk factors for osteoarthritis condition. The Arthritis Society offers every type of help for people suffering with osteoarthritis condition.