November 6, 2008

Herbal Remedies for Hives

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Hives can be treated quite effectively at home with hives herbal remedies. Hives are characterized by the occurrence of white patches, marks, wounds or welts on the skin. The common reasons for hives to appear are allergies to certain foods or medicines, insect bites, extreme environmental conditions, viruses or bacteria and even stress or tension. During the initial phase of hives, most people experience a pricking or burning sensation which is followed by a severe and painful itch. Hives may recur in some cases and it may or may not disappear quickly. The prime remedy for treating hives is to understand its cause. If you are allergic to any food or medicine, identify and restrict its intake. If you have unknowingly consumed a product that you are allergic to, increase your intake of fluids to help your body expel the irritant. In case of insect bites, visit a doctor as soon as possible as these allergic reactions can be extremely severe and in rare cases even fatal.

In addition to this, the hives herbal remedies mentioned below offer a safe alternative to commonly used drugs without the risk of any side effects.

  • Aloe vera gel can be applied locally to decrease the itch and inflammation. You can have a glass of Aloe vera juice on an empty stomach to strengthen your immune system so that the infection causing hives doesn’t spread in the body.
  • Alfalfa is a good hives herbal cure. Alfalfa juice or tea is advantageous in treating hives since it serves a body tonic and cleanser. Alternatively, you can have a glass of Nettle juice to ensure a quicker recovery.
  • Chamomile tea or addition of chamomile leaves in bathing water is one of the most effective hives herbal remedies. Chamomile is an herb that soothes inflamed skin and reduces the itching or burning sensation.
  • Apply a cold compress or a clean towel soaked in ice-cold water to the hives-affected parts of your skin to reduce inflammation.
  • Sandalwood is a valuable herb that has magnificent cooling and healing properties. Mix sandalwood powder in rose water to form a paste. This paste should be smeared on the hives’ lesions to obtain instant relief from the itching and burning sensation.
  • Fresh mint leaves can be crushed and their juice can be smeared over the affected areas. It pacifies the skin from the constant irritation and helps in reducing the pain caused by hives.

Since hives have the chance of reoccurring, proper treatment to eradicate it completely is necessary. Along with these hives herbal remedies, restrict your intake of alcohol, coffee and cigarettes since they may aggravate the hives and hamper the healing process.