How Can I cure Itches on skin all over body and hives? Also i noticed i do not sweat for long times?

  • For instant relief from severe itching on the eruptions, mix together 25 ml of vinegar with 35 ml of rosewater and apply the mixture locally to the affected area.
  • It is better that you do not sweat much, as contact with sweat or water can cause hives to develop or aggravate hives.
  • Mint leaves (also known as pudina) relieve itching. Mix 7 gms of mint leaves with 25 gms of brown sugar and some water. Bring to a boil and drink. This has been found to be useful in relieving itching.
  • Mix two tsps of turmeric powder (or haldi) in water. Stir and drink this water at regular intervals to treat the disease.

These natural cures for treating hives are effective, low cost and easy to make.

answered by P P

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