Is there a way to draw out a sliver in bottom of foot.The skin has already grown over

A splinter in the skin can be really annoying but it has to be removed immediately to prevent lingering infections. So if you've ignored the problem for long then the only thing you can do is to follow the following steps to remove the hidden splinter.

  • Tiny painless slivers should be removed as soon as possible to prevent infections or before a swelling arises.
  • You can try hair remover wax, heat it in the oven and apply on the splinter. Apply a piece of cloth and pull to remove the piece of cloth.
  • Apply a piece of tape to the area and pull to yank the piece of splinter out.
  • Another thing you can do is use a tweezers and pin. Sterilize the tweezers and pin on a open gas. Remove the overlying skin using sterilized pin. Then squeeze both sides of the pin area to push the splinter out. If you can grasp the splinter then pull it out with the tweezers. If the splinter is not located then use the methods given above.

If the splinter dose not come out by itself and continues to give you pain then it's time to call in a doctor to remove it.

answered by A S

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