My daughter was quite fair when she was born, as she started to go to school, she has turned quite dark can you please suggest some remedies that I can use to make her skin fairer and be safe to use?

Skin color is decided by a pigment called melanin. You should keep in mind that home remedies for fair skin complexion do not show their effect immediately. You need to adhere to some of these basic home tips for fair skin for few months regularly in order to see visible changes. It is natural that as children grow older their skin begins to darken. This is mainly because of exposure to the sun and also the dirt, sweat and pollution around. If your daughter is very involved in outdoor activities, suntan could be a major reason for her complexion change. In such cases it is easy to find a home solution to get back the lost color.
  • Apply a mixture of lemon and cucumber juices all over the skin. You can also use tomato juice instead of cucumber juice.
  • Always use a sunscreen lotion with a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 and an umbrella or a hat.
  • A scrub made up of red lentil paste, olive or coconut oil, and freshly grated turmeric root applied regularly is also one of the common natural remedies for fair and glowing skin. Ripe papaya paste.
  • A mixture of oatmeal powder in milk and almond oil.
  • Aloe vera gel and avocado pulp mixture.
  • Sandalwood paste mixed with sea-shell powder.
There are many other home remedies for fair skin complexion as well, but it is more important to have a healthy and glowing skin rather than a fair complexion. Eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in calcium, iron, and other essential nutrients is absolutely necessary at this age. Do include leafy greens, eggs, nuts, and fruits in your daughter’s diet. It is also important to scrub the skin softly while bathing and use cleansing milk (or just plain milk) on the skin to remove impurities clogged in the skin pores.

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