What Would Cause Blood To Appear Occasionally During Bowel Movements?

Whenever you notice the presence of some blood in a bowel movement or on the toilet paper, it is known as rectal bleeding and is a surprisingly common problem for people of different ages. This is mainly because there a number of very diverse reasons that could cause the occurrence. Two of the most common reasons for the onset of rectal bleeding are hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Hemorrhoids are the inflammation of veins present in the lower rectum or anus and may either be visibly present outside the anus - which are known as external hemorrhoids, or manifest internally giving rise to the name - internal hemorrhoids. Fissures are small tears that may be about half an inch long present along the skin of the anus. These fissures are normally caused by pressurized bowel movements. The excess pressure during bowel movements leads to the rupturing of the skin as they pass through the anus. Individuals of middle or older age may also see the development of diverticula in the colon, which are finger like pouches situated at weaker parts of the colon wall. These pouches may become inflamed and start to bleed when bowel movements pas through them. Infections of the intestines are also a possible reason for rectal bleeding and may be accompanied by diarrhea, which will last around three days. An irritation of the colon lining, such as in a case of inflammatory bowel movement may cause a person to have abdominal pains, mucus, diarrhea and blood in the bowel movements. A combination of these symptoms is also present in the event you are affected by colon cancer. At times though, the rectal bleeding may be the only symptom of colon cancer and it is highly recommended that you visit your licensed doctor to perform some medical tests that will identify the root cause of the condition - thus making it easier to treat.

While the treatment options that you can use will depend largely on the reason of rectal bleeding, you could use a few of the following tips to ease any discomfort resulting from the condition. Before passing stools, try lubricating the anal canal for added protection as this will also help ease the bowel movement as well as greatly reduce the amount of pain you feel. Instead of using normal tissue paper, switch to using paper tissues as they possess the added advantage of having a coat of moisturizing lotion that will minimize the amount of resistance or friction in the anal area.

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