March 10, 2008

Tips for Treating Bladder Exstrophy in Children

Posted in Category : Men's Health

In human anatomy, bladder is part of urinary system. The bladder of the male is located above the prostate which is separated from rectum through rectovesical excavation while bladder of female is separated from rectum by rectouterine excavation and separated from uterus by vesicouterine excavation. Exstrophy is a Greek word ekstriphen which means to turn inside out. Therefore Bladder exstrophy could mean a malformation of the bladder which in most cases is congenital. There is a probability of abnormal urinary system with children having congenital bladder exstrophy.

The structure of the bladder is not developing properly leading to a bladder exstrophy that was turned inside out, exposing the internal structure of the bladder. It is in comparison with the balloon being split into half and opened, the internal structure of the balloon will now be visible as it was exposed. Consider a bladder to be like that and that is bladder exstrophy.

In cases of under develop or congenital birth defect of Bladder exstrophy, the shape of the bladder is flat and expose unlike a normal form of round shape. The funnel-shape in the lower portion of the bladder which serves as a neck to function as a door of the bladder that open and close, did not form well or it was not developed correctly.

There are other congenital abnormalities that are associated with bladder exstrophy like Epispadias where urethra and genitalia incompletely formed, Dorsal Chordee where there was malformation of penis, absence of a bladder neck and sphincter, small bladder capacity, ureters located abnormally, pelvic bones are separated widely (diastasis), anus being located inwardly closer to scrotum or vagina though it may not cause loss of bowel function and umbilicus which is not so visible being removed during surgery of the bladder.

The condition of bladder exstrophy ranges from mild to severe malformation where the extent of an exstrophy is in line with those congenital abnormalities associated by it. Since it is more of a birth defect, it will cause a stigma in a child thus understanding and parental support for the child should be maintain and address. The condition may create an emotional set back with patients thus a deeper understanding of instilling hope is more helpful to give a positive outlook in life for the patient.

There are associations or non-government organizations that are supporting bladder exstrophy community where questions are best answered and where patients are offered help for any financial or emotional help. For those parents having children with bladder exstrophy, never lose hope, seek help and proper consultation with medical specialist and still there is a brighter tomorrow for a blessed child.