March 10, 2008

Considering The Different Andropause Treatments For Male Menopause

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Andropause is also known as male menopause. This can cause decline in hormones like testosterone human growth hormone, DHEA and thyroid. Male can acquire this from their mid-twenties and the effect can be felt at the age of 40 and 65. This occurs very regularly in males and may be accompanied with fatigue, sex drive, physical agility and moods swings.

Andropause treatment has been provided since 1999 and was discovered by the National Network of Doctors. Since then, numbers of clinics start to use this treatment.

The Andropause treatment is called Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Nowadays, this treatment is available in transdermal preparation or commonly known as gel or patch, capsules and injectables. Each of these methods has its own pros and cons that you should discuss and consult with your doctor.

These treatments are effective in relieving and restoring health, potency and sense of renewed virility and vitality. This is safe and effective especially with the full assessment and full knowledge about the patient’s health before starting any kind of treatments and should be well monitored.

Andropause treatment is carefully measured by biochemical of the sex hormones and the range of factors regulating their actions. This should be regulated together with blood, kidney, liver, fats, changes in red and white blood cells and prostate function. These tests should be done before starting this treatment.

Using the capsules in treating andropause is very convenient. It is easy to take and dosage can also be adjusted according to the response to the medication. This is also capable in delivering testosterone. This maybe more expensive than other treatments because you will need 160 to 240 mg daily but it is effective.

Injectables have been used clinically for a long time and are very affordable. This can be taken 3 to 4 weeks intramuscularly while, transdermal preparations is a non-scrotal application. In transdermal preparations, you take off the daily difference of testosterone levels and only need once a day dosing.

There are other alternative andropause treatments these are the natural supplements like taking vitamin D and calcium with diet and changing lifestyle by avoiding activities and foods that are not good for your health. The reduce of libido can be avoided by taking in sexual herbs with complete exercise and right diet and the decrease of muscle mass and low energy can be avoided by doing regular exercise or doing yoga.

Irritable feelings, tired all the time, the same enthusiasm for things are the most common symptoms in having an andropause. You may research more about symptoms and treatment across the web to know more about issues in male hormone therapy and andropause treatments that may help you to learn more about your hormone health and how to avoid such symptoms.