I had surgery of bleeding piles 2 yrs back, since then I am suffering from mild fever followed by neck pain, body trembling. Are these side effects of piles surgery? Docs are treating me with anti depression medicines

Surgical removal of piles involves using general anesthetic. The doctor generally advices the patient to fast for the time before the operation. The doctor simply cuts away the little protrusion of flesh in your anus. This is piles and its removal will make it easier for you to pass feces without any straining. The blood vessels are tied up to ensure that there is no bleeding.  In some cases the doctor may have to use some stitches to close the opening. The wound left after the piles has been removed will heal by itself. In another, newer type of surgical technique the doctor removes a doughnut shaped piece of tissue in order to lift up the anal cushions. This is done to prevent them from prolapsing. A stapling instrument is used to keep the two sides joined together.

You have not mentioned which of these surgeries you have undergone. Since these are both fairly simple operations, it seems unlikely that they could have side effects that have lasted for two years. I am afraid that with the information provided it is difficult to say for sure why you are suffering form fever. You will need to consult a doctor who can explain the reasons for your fever and other symptoms. It seems to me that there might be some more symptoms which will explain the need for anti depressants which the doctors have prescribed.

answered by M W

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