Hysterectomy Side Effects

Two years back I had hystrectamy. Suffering with hot flushes neck, frozen shoulder, dry throat, trembling beats in feet and palms?

Hysterectomy involves removing the uterus and sometime also the ovaries surgically. When this operation is performed on women who have not yet attained menopause, it often leads to premature menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, chills, dizziness and weakness. Hysterectomy tends to disrupt blood supply to the ovaries, and in cases where the ovaries have been removed, causes a sharp decline in the estrogen level in the body. This hormonal imbalance often affects the onset of menopause sooner than the average time. The sudden change in hormone levels also adversely affects the body's capacity to absorb important nutrients like calcium, leading to general weakness and trembling in the limbs.

A few simple dietary measures can be followed to reduce or eliminate these effects. Drink a liter of milk every day, as it is a rich natural source of calcium. Magnesium and vitamin D supplements should also be taken daily, as these help improve the body's capacity to absorb calcium. Beetroot juice is known to be an excellent natural cure for pre-menopausal symptoms. Drink 100ml of beet juice twice a day to effectively counter not just the natural symptoms but also the side-effects of any allopathic drugs that you might be consuming. Liquorice is a natural source of estrogen, so a pinch of powdered liquorice consumed every day can balance out the decrease in the hormonal level in the body. Carrot seeds are known to ease out the nerves when boiled with a glass of milk and consumed on a daily basis. Another herbal remedy is to eat 2gms of the Indian spikenard every day. This too relieves nervous stress caused by menopausal symptoms. Also, make sure that you eat a balanced diet rich in fruits, leafy vegetables, nuts, and grains, especially fresh sprouts and homemade milk products like cottage cheese. Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices too. Avoid eating processed, deep-fried and fat-rich foodstuff. Consuming alfalfa juice, soy milk or other soy-based food items and cabbage also helps. Olive oil should be used to cook food as this is a natural means of relieving menopausal symptoms. Consume a little amount of maca root every day, as it replenishes estrogen and progesterone to the body and is also a rich source of vitamins. Eating a small amount of black cohosh twice every day also remedies hormonal imbalances. Light forms of physical exercise like walking and jogging are very helpful in countering menopausal symptoms. Also make sure that you have a regular sleep schedule and make sure that you get an adequate amount of sleep as this will help to avoid anxiety and stress.

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