I had a stools of light red colour, but i am not having any pain, fever, or any other body problem. Please let me know what does this indicate.

Since you do not have any worrisome symptoms, the light red color in your stools may be a result of a natural food you ate that was red in color. If you have been consuming a lot of foods like watermelon or beetroot for the last couple of days, the red color is likely to show up in your stools. Maybe you should wait and watch if you pass red stools again. You can also try not to eat anything red in color during this time. However, if you still face the problem, it would be best if you consulted a doctor and had yourself medically examined.

The red color in stools is usually caused by consuming brightly colored foods or consuming certain medications, such as iron supplements. The redness may also be because of blood that covers the feces. However, most ailments that result in passing blood in stools are painful and are accompanied by several other symptoms. These ailments can be piles or hemorrhoids, intestinal tract bleeding, or stomach ulcers. All these problems are accompanied by abdominal pain, or rectal pain in the case of piles. However, there are a few other conditions that can cause blood to appear in the stools without causing pain. Stress, excessive consumption of oily and spicy foods, excessive smoking, and a regular intake of alcoholic beverages, betel leaves and tobacco may cause abdominal problems that can lead to bleeding. Avoiding these substances will benefit your digestive system and your health in general. You must also avoid over the counter painkillers, medicines, and steroids. Bleeding can also be caused by intestinal worms sometimes, and may not always cause any symptoms like pain or fever.

You can try several home remedies to rule out any health problem that may be leading to bleeding. Firstly, make sure that you consume a diet rich in fiber, with enough green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and fruit juices. Replace refined floor with whole wheat flour. Drink at least two liters of water everyday to keep your system clear. You can add a small amount of salt to warm water and drink it first thing in the morning to keep your colon clean. Consuming garlic is also very effective at treating intestinal and stomach problems like worms and indigestion. Eat about two cloves of garlic everyday. Drinking buttermilk everyday will also benefit in keeping your stomach and intestine healthy. You should also consume tea and coffee in moderation, be stress free, and get regular exercise.

answered by G M

It might simply be that you ate some food that was naturally of a bright red colour such as watermelon or beetroot. Since you say there is no pain or any other symptom of any kind, you could try and wait until your next time to see if you pass red stools again. If this is occurring repeatedly, you might be passing blood in your stools and you should consult your health care giver immediately. He/she will probably recommend a stool test to find out what the problem might be.

Some of the causes of red stools are:

  • Consumption of brightly pigmented foods
  • Consumption of medication such as an iron supplement
  • Bleeding in the intestinal tract
  • Hemorrhoids ( but you will most likely feel pain with this)
  • Stomach ulcers(also a source of pain)
  • Red gelatin, kool-aids, popsicles

Hopefully yours is just a normal thing and will pass, but in case the red stools persist, please talk to your doctor without delay. Don't wait for other symptoms to develop. You can help regulate your bowel movements by sticking to a fiber rich diet that includes at least 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables and by avoiding processed and refined foods.

answered by S E

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