Health Advice for the Change in Eye Color

Change in eye color advice

Eyes are delicate and you need to take all the care and precautions possible. However, I am a little puzzled by your problem. In most cases it is accepted that the color of our eyes are decided early in life. Of course during childhood one does notice that the color of the eyes changes. You have not mentioned how old you are. If you are in the age group when the color of a person's eyes is determined, then this could be the possible explanation for the change in your eye color. However if you have noticed any other symptoms along with the change in your eye color then you should consult a doctor. Any discharge from the eyes, any bulging, watering or swelling should immediately be examined by a doctor.

You can determine the possible reasons for the change in the color of your eyes by trying to keep a track of any changes in your life. Did you start any medication in the last six months? You should also examine the cosmetics that you use for your eyes. Although these are not likely to cause major changes like changing the color of your eyes, it always pays to be sure. You can try washing your eyes more often. Ensure that you get sufficient sleep and are not stressed. Include plenty of carrots, spinach and other green vegetables in your diet.

answered by G R

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