Treatment for bad hair smell due to dyeing

Dyeing your hair will not cause any side effects like making your hair emit a foul odour, especially if that odour does not smell like ammonia. In addition, there is no known correlation between applying tomato sauce to your hair and hair odour. This is only likely to have weakened your hair a little. The most likely explanation for hair odour is usually a fungal infection. There is very little information available on the exact nature of this fungus but the fungus appears to work by attaching to the oil that is secreted by the hair follicles. Hair odour is potentially a very embarrassing condition and can really hamper your social and professional interactions with other people.

The best way to treat this is to use a shampoo or a hair soap that has a very high content of sulphur. You could also use an anti-microbial shampoo to relieve the symptoms. Using a hair refresher can only cover up the condition for the time being and will not provide a long term solution. Ensure that you do not share combs with other people because the fungus could be transmitted by using an infected comb. You should also consult your family doctor or a trichologist for more information and treatment.

answered by G R

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