Natural remedies for bad and sour smelling breath

I'm suffering halitosis from 7 years, my dentist says no problem in the mouth, may be infection in the throat or in the nose, but feel bad smell comes from little upside of throat, what can be done to get

The commonest cause of halitosis is gums that have a disease or excessive tartar. The other causes are plaque that has accumulated on the teeth, or food particles that have collected in cavities. It could also be an unclean tongue that is the cause of bad breath sometimes. The favorite remedy for halitosis is chewing on fresh parsley. This will arrest the problem quickly somewhat, and provide enough relief for you to prepare for other treatments. A hydrogen peroxide rinse will work wonders in cleaning up your teeth. Put a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a tall glass of water and use this to rinse your mouth, swishing it generously around. You can do this every day before going to bed, so that the remnants of the peroxide will work through the night. Use baking soda to finger-brush your teeth. You may also use a mix of salt and lime to sanitize your mouth. But this should be done about once a week, because this is an acidic combination that can actually damage your teeth with excessive use. Put a piece of cardamom in your mouth to avoid the bad odor. One of the most important things is also to drink lots of water in order to help neutralize the smell. Avoid colas and sugar-based foods, as they will only add to the smell.

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