Remedies for urine leakage in females

Urine leakage is also known as urinary incontinence and is a disorder that affects women al over the world. It generally happens due to stress and nervousness or the inability to control the urge to urinate. The condition can range from occasionally bothersome to completely disabling. This problem also requires medical help and no one single type of treatment for works for all women who suffer from this disorder.

Generally the problem can be treated by certain devices and exercises but if your problem is very severe then you will need to consider surgery. However it is a last resort and the following exercise should be able to strengthen your vaginal muscles and reduce your symptoms. These exercise are simple and easy to follow and can be done at home by yourself. Start by finding the muscle that need to be exercised. Therefore when trying to exert your vaginal walls make sure not to squeeze the rest of the muscles surrounding the area at the same time. Doing so will only put pressure on the muscles that control bladder functions. Therefore make sure to only flex your pelvic muscles when doing this. Also do not practice this when actually urinating and do not hold your breath when doing so. Once you have identified the pelvic muscle and learnt to flex it , pull the pelvic muscle in and hold it there for about three or four seconds , do this about ten to fifteen times in one sitting. And make sure not to overdo it the first couple of times. When you first begin do the exercise laying down as this will reduce the amount of effort that you have to put in to it in the beginning. As you continue to do these exercise over time start to do them sitting or standing up in order to put more pressure on them and hence help better strengthen their ability to contract.

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