I have just removed my gallbladder; I want to know if there is any medication for routine use to overcome any indigestion problems or any other related problems in future.

Information on Gallbladder Surgery

If you have had a recent surgery, it is best to rest as much and as often as you can. A month of complete rest should enable you to recover completely from any kind of surgical procedure, no matter how non-invasive. It is important to eat properly during post-surgical recovery, especially if your gall bladder is removed. Since the gall bladder is the organ that produces bile in your body, you should know that there will be paucity in this production and eat accordingly. You should completely avoid meat, fried and spicy foods and any kind of grease. Sticking with fresh fruits and vegetables will help you to recover faster and will make the recovery process more pleasant. Apples, particularly are very good for digestion. All green vegetables will effectively keep your digestive system in good working order. It is preferable to eat a whole lot of raw vegetables and foods that are high in fiber. Include oats and bran in your diet, as this will help you considerably. Avoid gas-causing substances such as legumes, beans and lentils in your diet for the time being. You can slowly re-introduce them to your system after a month and see how your body takes it. The same rule applies for meat.

answered by G R

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