After gallbladder surgery, what should my diet consist of?

In order to recover well and quickly from a gall bladder removal operation, you should rest for over 12 hours a day. This should be done for at least a month after the operation. While medication and diet changes may be able to help you heal, do remember that lack of rest is the most important thing.

You will have to monitor your diet very carefully for at least one month after you have gotten your gall bladder removed. The reason for this is that the gall bladder releases bile produced by the liver systematically into the intestines. Once you eat fatty food, this is required, or else the food will remain undigested. Thus the proper release of bile is essential for digestion of fats and other complex foods. When your gall bladder is removed, there will be no proper bile release and digestion will become a problem. In any case, indigestion and gas is often a problem post-operatively. However, it is not necessary that everyone should suffer from this. You should avoid eating complex foods such as fats and carbohydrates for a while. Avoid processed foods, sweets and fried goodies for the time being. Try to eat simple well-cooked food to aid your digestive system. If you can, eat food cooked in olive oil. Eating fruits than heavy and fried snacks will be of tremendous help.

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