Gall Bladder Surgery

by Garreth Myers

Gall bladder surgery is also known as a cholecystectomy. A cholecystectomy involves the removal of an individual’s gall bladder. Many people who have gall bladder problems may consider having this procedure performed.

Sometimes the gall bladder will become inflamed or stones will form in the gall bladder. These are two reasons for having gall bladder surgery. Stones that are found in the gall bladder are called gallstones. These stones prevent the body from properly draining bile. Bile is defined as a type of fluid that assists the body in the digestion of fat. If an individual is suffering from gallstones the individual will have severe pain in the upper right-hand part of the abdomen.

Gallstones may also have more mild symptoms. Some people have their gallbladder removed because their gall bladder does not drain very well. If this occurs this is a medical condition known as biliary dyskinesia. This is also treated through the procedure of gall bladder surgery. An individual who has diabetes, heart problems or heart disease is a poor candidate for surgery. Their health care provider may have other options.

Gall bladder surgery is one of the most frequently performed operations around the world. This type of surgery can be performed with the use of a laparoscope. When a laparoscope is used a tube is inserted into an incision that is in the naval. The laparoscope examines the gall bladder. After this examination tools are inserted to remove the gall bladder.

Usually if an individual has their gall bladder removed the individual will have the laparoscopic technique performed. Since this procedure is very much like an open surgery technique an individual must be put under general anesthesia. The laparoscopic procedure is much easier on a person and has a shorter recovery period. An individual may have to have open surgery if the gall bladder is inflamed or infected. If the gall bladder has become inflamed or infected the gall bladder may become too swollen for the tiny tools to remove the gall bladder.

A person who has gall bladder surgery will have internal scarring and a small scar on their abdomen. This is a routine operation that is performed on hundreds of patients each and every day.

If you feel that you may have gallstones or a problem with your gall bladder it is best to talk with your physician. Your physician will be able to discuss your medical options with you.

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