The doctor told me to go to the hospital if my back got a warming feeling, but my gallbladder feels really warm. Should I go to the hospital? I have a gallbladder full of stones but have not turned yellow or got sick, just severe pain?

Gall bladder stones prevention is better than later getting methods on how to treat gall bladder problems. When an individual notices gall bladder stones symptoms, it becomes necessary to consult a doctor and immediately begin with a gallbladder treatment diet. Though most often there are no symptoms with gall bladder stones there is a 2% chance of pain in the first ten years of the problem starting but in later years when the stones are mature there are usually no symptoms. Sometimes a gall bladder disease Acalculous causes symptoms which are very similar to gall stones. Colic or biliary pain is the most common gallbladder stones symptom sometimes accompanied by vomiting or nausea. The symptoms appear after a fatty or large meal. The attacks are not frequent and could even happen after many years. There is no pattern for the attacks. If there is a feeling of extra fullness after eating like bloating or acidity these are most likely due to peptic ulcers or some other cause of indigestion.

If you have gall bladder stones it is best to first resort to gall bladder natural treatment and dry to cure it with a diet. If there is inflammation of the gall bladder foods which are rich and spicy should be avoided until the inflammation subsides or clears. Fasting with a fruit and liquid diet helps to relieve the symptoms. Vegetable juices like beet and carrot juice and grapes, lemons, pears and grapefruits are good for this condition. Once this fasting period is over the patient should ensure that the diet is well balanced and preferably a lacto vegetarian one. Pears should be consumed in large amounts as they have a healing effect on stones in the gall bladder. Olive oil stimulates the production of lipase and bile and is another essential part of the diet of people with gall bladder stones.

There are several methods of gall bladder cleanse to help relieve symptoms of gall bladder stones. A vegetable diet helps in cleansing the gall bladder as there is good fat in vegetables which are HDL fats and removing the LDL which the liver completes with metabolism and then execrates from the body. Vegetable oils also contain anti toxins and phyto chemicals which help clean the system by removing all the bile. Drinking fluids like juices and especially water in large quantities cleanses the impurities in the gall bladder and maintains an osmotic balance. Fruits which are rich in vitamin A and C help to strengthen all the organs and also the gall bladder. Sugar can juice and honey are good cleansing agents for the gall bladder.

Gall bladder treatment when a person has gall stones includes several natural ways and gall bladder treatment with olive oil is one of the essential and effective methods. Though oily foods and animal fats should be avoided vegetable oils and especially olive oil help to cleanse the gall bladder. A spoon of olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice are and ideal cleansing procedure for the gall bladder and also for the liver. Paashanbheda is an ayruvedic herb which is useful in treating most kinds of stones and is used in several ayurvedic treatments. However, it is best to consult your doctor before opting for any such remedies.

Gallbladder stones symptoms in men and gallbladder stones symptoms women are usually identical and indicate that the person is suffering with gall bladder gall stones. The stones are of two types cholesterol stones and pigment stones. These stones are more the common ones and are caused by excessive fat content in the bile while pigment stones which are smaller and dark are caused by excessive calcium and bilirubin in the bile.

answered by A S

I am not aware of any warm feeling in the back being indicative of a gall stone problem serious enough to require hospitalization, but there must be a reason why your doctor has said this, so you should check with him. In most cases, the patient experiences severe, often debilitating pain in the upper part of the abdomen, and also sometimes in the upper back, between the shoulders.

However, if you have already been consulting a doctor for your gall stone problem, you should return to him and ask him about this. We are not aware of the details of your case, so it is not possible to say whether hospitalization is necessary. Your doctor will be familiar with your medical history and also if any gallbladder symptoms present, he is the only one who can clarify the advice that he himself has given you.

Hospitalization would probably involve surgery, which your doctor seems to feel may be necessary in your case. If you are on medication for your gall stone problem and this is not working, surgery may be the only option. Today surgery for gall stones is usually not very invasive - it is performed by laparoscopy, and you will probably be discharged within 24 hours.

answered by M W

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