What Can I Do For Swollen Glands Under Arm Pits?

Swollen glands are an indication of a problem with your immune system. You need immediate medical attention if you see swelling in your arm pits. It is also important to get a mammogram because a swelling or a lump in the arm pits could also be an indication of an abnormal tumor or a cancerous growth in your breast tissue. Meanwhile, you can use the following home remedies swollen glands.

  • Apply some warmth on the swollen area. You can use a warm compress to apply heat. You can use a soft washcloth dipped in hot water to apply heat to the inflammation.
  • If the swelling in your arm pit is also causing you some pain, you may use pain relievers to control the symptoms. Over the counter pain relievers can help alleviate both pain and fever. However, it is best not to give an infant or a child any over the counter medications without first consulting a doctor.
  • Drink a lot of water to help remove toxins from your blood stream. This will bring the immune system back into its normal level of functioning. Also, get a lot of rest to recover from whatever infection or underlying condition you may be suffering from.

Visit your doctor as soon as possible so that you can get an accurate diagnosis of your condition. If the condition is only a swollen lymph node, you may not have to get intensive treatment. However, if this is breast cancer, you will need intensive and immediate treatment.

answered by G M

Aside from a nice body cleansing, in and out, you should call your doc and be tested for any lymphomas, or blood/lymph disorders.

answered by K

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