Increase your levels of activity and overall alertness with recommended fruits and vegetables

Which fresh vegetable juices are good to develop good eye vision and total body activeness?

Almost all vegetables and fruits will help to develop generally high activity levels in you. The only condition is that they must be consumed raw, uncooked and unprocessed. Fruits and vegetables are extremely high in a vast variety of vitamins, minerals, sugars and fiber. All fruits and vegetables contain fiber, which is extremely important to keep your digestive system running smoothly. This itself will increase your levels of activity and overall alertness. There are some fruits in particular that you can avoid which are not too high in anything much except sugars. These would be bananas, mangoes, sapodilla fruit and other such pulpy and fleshy fruits, which are overly sweet in taste. It is not that these do not contain fibers and nutrients, but they are more rich in fats and sugars overall. If you want to achieve alertness, you would be better off avoiding them altogether. There are some fruits you can concentrate on. Apples are rich in various nutrients and minerals such as iron, and one must be eaten everyday. Peaches, plums and prunes are extremely fibrous and must be eaten to improve digestion. Papayas are very rich in iron and very efficient cleansers of the system. Coconuts are very good for your hair and skin, as they contain natural oils. Coconut water is also an excellent cooling tonic. All citrus fruits such as oranges, mandarins, sweet limes and pineapples are rich in vitamin C, so they will improve your immunity.

All vegetables are good for you in terms of keeping your body and mind alert and active. Try to eat a salad of mixed vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, beetroot, celery and carrots. Carrots and celery are particularly good for maintaining excellent vision. Carrots will also help to maintain healthy hair. Beetroots are very high in iron content and are particularly good for purifying blood. Cabbage is also an excellent vegetable that can be chopped and added to your salad. It is high in fiber and will work well to improve the condition of your joints. All kinds of squashes are very high in fiber and all vitamins. They can be eaten steamed with as little spice as possible for excellent results. Cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamin B. Pumpkins are also extremely rich in fiber and can be eaten in various ways. Potatoes are only a good source of iron if eaten with peels. Otherwise, they are simple carbohydrates, which are also provided by food grains.

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