I have been diagonized with TB of bones, please let me know what diet to follow?

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease, usually caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Various other strains of mycobacteria are also responsible for the disease. Tuberculosis can affect any part of the body. Tuberculosis of the bone is called skeletal tuberculosis. As per a survey result published by The Journal of Bones & Joint Surgery, the spine was found to be the most common site of the skeletal tuberculosis. The bacteria causing skeletal tuberculosis were found to be Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis. Apart from the spine, tuberculosis may affect the knee, hip, shoulders, elbows, and foot bones.

Spinal tuberculosis or the Pott’s disease is considered to be the most dangerous because it involves bone deformity, paraplegia, and destruction of bones. The commonly affected regions are the thoracic spine and the lumbosacral spine. Spinal tuberculosis results in the loss of extracellular matrix of the vertebral bone and may lead to collapse of the vertebrae. The other general symptoms of the tuberculosis of the bone are pain and swelling in the joints, difficulty in movement, fever, weight loss and night sweats, etc. This particular disease can affect any age group.

Adequate intake of nutrient rich food is a very important in the treatment of tuberculosis of the bone. The patients suffering from this condition are generally treated with antibiotics. In some cases, chemotherapy may also be performed. The main goal of the treatment procedure is to alleviate the pain by eradicating the infection and to refurbish the function of bones and joints. Certain home remedies are also known to play a vital role in the cure of skeletal tuberculosis.

Some of the natural cures that may be helpful in tuberculosis of the bone are listed below:

  • Get an adequate amount of sunlight daily. The sun’s rays are known to kill the harmful bacteria.
  • Try to give your body and mind complete rest.
  • Sleep in a well ventilated room.
  • Take control of your diet.

The following diet plan may be helpful for the management of tuberculosis of the bone:

  • Opt for a vegetarian diet course.
  • Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables.
  • Avoid white bread, refined cereals, fried and preserved foods.
  • Avoid tea and coffee.
  • Avoid the intake of carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid pickles and sauces.

Always make sure that you get your condition diagnosed as early as possible, in case any of the symptoms arise. In addition, always consult a doctor and get proper medical treatment. Diet and home remedies may only be used as complementary to medical treatment.


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answered by A S

  1. Strictly follow a vegetarian course of diet
  2. Restrict non veg only to once a week
  3. Take juices of 5 green leafy vegetables every day.
  4. Take good proteins from soya ,pulses,sprouts etc.
  5. Avoid fried foods and grounded wheat breads totally.
  6. Stop all aerated drinks.

answered by D M K

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