Health advice for swollen neck and tb patients

Swelling of the neck is most likely to occur as a response to respiratory infection or cold as almost a third of the body's lymph glands are situated in the neck and collar bone. While swelling in the neck is symptom for tuberculosis it is also symptomatic of a number of other diseases. Since you are already on treatment for tuberculosis it is unlikely that the swelling is caused by the same, but not impossible all the same. I would strongly advise you to consult your doctor, who has been treating you for the disease.

Apart from tuberculosis swollen neck glands can also be indicative of either a bacterial infection or a viral sore throat. Infections of the ear or skin, and sinuses can also cause swelling of your neck. The swelling can also be brought on by a dental problem or even an infection picked up from a cat scratch.

Other serious concerns that are less likely would be of illnesses like syphilis, mononucleosis, and some kinds of cancer, such as Hodgkins' disease.

TB is an extremely contagious disease, transmitted through coughing and sneezing and it's signs and symptoms only surface once the infection begins to flare into the disease.

answered by G M

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